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Cut your energy costs & environmental impact

Solaris takes a whole-house view, recommending the most cost effective ways to reduce your energy expenses

Photovoltaic, solar electric systems

Photovoltaic systems use the suns energy to generate electricity. PV will cut your electric costs and now can even provide limited power when the grid is down, without expensive battery backup systems. PV modules have a 25 year warranty and a 40+ year lifespan. They require no maintenance. Your initial investment is recouped in about 10 years, providing you with 30 additional years of electricity at zero cost and zero environment impact. Solar systems are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.

Solar Thermal heat and hot water

Solar thermal systems convert the suns radiant energy into heat that warms water or air. These systems work year round to provide your family with hot water and reduced fuel bills. When combined with radiant floors or low temp radiators they can even heat your home. Free solar hot water is an affordable option for off grid buildings, can heat pools, be used to clear snow from walkways, all of which are popular commercial applications. They are also an excellent source for industrial process heat.

Heat Pumps, Energy efficient heating and other options

We have many ways to cut your energy cost besides solar. The most popular are the new cold climate air source heat pumps that provide heating and cooling. Unlike the models of years ago, these heat pumps work down to -15 degrees. Their operational cost are 50%+ less expensive than traditional sources such as oil boilers.  Some other money saving options include tankless water heaters, boiler cold start & outdoor reset, and highly insulated hot water tanks.


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